Day Out: Atwater Market

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This past weekend on a whim we decided to head down to Atwater Market with the boys.  It was a beautiful day and we wanted to visit the market and go for a little walk.

Atwater Market Photographer Atwater Market Photographer Atwater Market Photographer

Although it doesn’t particularly look it in the photos, the market was insanely busy with some beer and food festival going on and the boys couldn’t run around as freely as I (or they) would have liked.  However, the market was a nice change of environment and I could see that they were pretty amazed with all the colourful fruit, vegetables and flowers.

Atwater Market Photographer Atwater Market Photographer

There are great places at Atwater Market to eat or have a snack, but it was just too crazy so we headed to the canal for a little walk.

Atwater Market Photographer

I made a vain attempt to get our Christmas card photo…  ummm… nope.

Atwater Market Photographer

And then we let the boys explore the train tracks which I think was their favourite part.  Alex walked up and down the track saying ‘Choo Choo’ which was so freaking cute it broke my heart.

Next time if it’s nice, we’ll stock up at the market and have a picnic followed by some ice cream.

Details: Parking should be fairly OK but if there’s something on or it’s a nice day it can be crazy.  We like to park in the gravel lot along the canal.  There’s also a Metro located very close by.  There is a bike path and a walking path.  I don’t recommend walking on the smoother bike path with your stroller unless you want to get run over by some crazy bicyclists.  The walking paths are on the south side of the river and you have to cross a little bridge to get there.

ps My young son’s t-shirt was given to me by Peekaboo Beans.

pps Do you and your family love heading to the market?  Are you a visitor to Montreal and want to check it out?  Why not capture your memories with a super candid and fun photo shoot. I’m a Montreal family lifestyle photography and I love capturing your beautifully honest moments.  Check out my website or contact me.



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