10 Things I Learned This Summer

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Our family grows and changes every year and it’s all just so fascinating to watch.  Here’s what I discovered about our little family unit this year.


  1. We love holidays!  Okay, my kids still got up early some days but the relaxed pace and just being together was amazing.  It’s also amazing how many fewer fits you get when you aren’t rushing your kids to get out the door.
  2. I’m not crazy.  Flying with Bastien was nuts.  I remember an airline attendant once telling me to tell whoever I was visiting that they were very lucky I came.  Bastien was that kid walking up and down the aisles (and touching everyone and everything) or screaming in his seat.  Alex is not that, and it made me realize that I was not crazy – he was/is an energetic little kid.
  3. A year is the world.  When your kids are young, a year can make all the difference.  This year’s flights were easier, the car rides were easier, doing different activities was just a whole lot more fun.
  4. Kid’s pace rules.  There’s no sense rushing when you’re on holiday, because.. you’re on holiday!  And for my children anyways when I rush them that’s when I get all sorts of trouble.  And most of the time, it’s my own impatience.  So I just took a step back and if my kid took 10 minutes to get his underwear on I just hung out and relaxed.
  5. Create your own adventure.  Reader’s of this blog will notice we pretty much do the same trip every year to visit my family.  So this year, (year 5!) I decided to make it into an adventure.  We stopped more at the side of the road to check things out, we took our time to explore.  And we extended this into our time here in Montreal.  We searched out new ice cream places (Bastien even had the red bean ice cream and Ca Lem!), we took our time picking up sticks and rocks, we went on day trips, we explore new parks.  2016-08-18_0003
  6. Sometimes you don’t need to do much.  My little Alex does not need much.  His number one thrill in life is collecting sticks, rocks, pine cones and bark.  If he can throw it all in some water, all the better.  2016-08-18_0004
  7. Overcome your biases. I can tell you right now that hanging out at a mall is not on the top of my priority list, but the kids LOVED West Edmonton Mall which I hadn’t stepped foot inside for about 15 years.  This is mostly because it’s huge, noisy, loud and I’m not much of a shopper.  But it was perfect for our needs (meeting up with cousins, no driving required, activities and hotel all in once place) and the kids loved it.  Bastien definitely got more out of the rides and slides than Alex just because Alex was still too small but I think they both loved the experience.  We even did some night time mall walks in Bastien’s pjs when he wouldn’t sleep which seemed a bit adventurous.
  8. Work with the heat.  Wasn’t this summer hot!?  We kept cool by going to the pool probably 5 times a week.  Bonus?  The kids are so comfortable in the water now and even little Alex likes to float in his floaters.  That smile of pride when he’s just floating around is amazing.
  9. Kids are different. I know this is obvious but sometimes I just assumed that because Bastien would be one way, Alex would too.  For example, Bastien is just so energetic he’s always bashing things and running around.  I don’t think the kid has ever willingly done colouring or even played lego without some cajoling.  Alex will actually colour.  On his own.  And build blocks.  On his own.  It’s a thing of magic.2016-08-18_0005
  10. We love summer!  The warm weather, the park, the pool, ice cream, sand, bare feet, sandals, shorts, the smell of grass, the sense of adventure, travel, warm breezes, boat rides, festivals, running freely, NO snowsuits.  I think you got it!

Having said that, Bastien will be skiing this winter and I can’t wait to see him go!

What do you like about summer?


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