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Panda Shoes

Isn’t it just such a pleasure watching how young eyes discover the outdoors?  Last summer my son was too young to really do much exploring but this year he is fully active and ready to run around.

Panda Shoes

We found this wonderful patch of flowers in one of our favourite local parks and Alex had a blast checking it out.

Panda Shoes

Because he is such an active little kid, and for any child really, I made sure to get him some good quality shoes that I made sure fit him well.  We hit up Panda Shoes in Carrefour Angrignon and the sales lady was super efficient.  I think she saw that Alex was on high destruction mode and she was great measuring his feet and making sure the shoes fit right.


Panda Shoes

I chose this pair of Geox shoes because I know that it’s a great brand that will stand up to our many active days outside.  I also love the fact that there’s rubber that covers the toe because we know how kids like to slam their toes into things.


Panda Shoes

I know shoes can be expensive but personally I’d rather get something good I know is protecting my son’s growing feet.


Panda Shoes

Because I want this kid to explore without fear!  We live in such a beautiful city with so much going on and I want him to discover everything about it.  Our summers are much too short and I plan on spending as much time as possible outside.

Panda Shoes

And yes, there may be a few bumps and bruises.  I think we can all guess how the above photo ended!

Panda Shoes provided a gift certificate in exchange for this post.  Thanks for supporting the brands and stores that may Roasted possible.


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