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It’s been such a week for so many reasons….

It’s winter!  The cold was hard but these last few days have been wonderful.  And my thighs are getting a workout pushing the stroller through the snow… (see how I’m trying to be positive about that?)

I launched my photography business and had a great response.  I am so looking forward to meeting everyone and getting to know their families.  I can’t wait to get those wonderful shots!  If you are still interested I still have a couple reduced rate sessions available.

In less fun news my kids have been getting up super early and it’s absolutely nutso.  Kids… sleep!  I’m writing this with drooping eyelids, burning eyes and a desire to curl up in my bed for the next five hours.  And binge watch The Office.  And eat chocolate.

This was an exciting week and I needed that.  It was tough to transition from holiday time and personally I needed some new challenges and motivators.  I’m excited about 2016.  And I’m so happy to have my fabulous readers along with me for the journey!

xx Michelle


You’ve got to love a store that has a category called ‘The Axe Shop’

For all you Maman Poule’s out there.

Love these beautiful clothes.  Those prints!  Those cuts!

This delicate bangle.

These lovely little bottles are amazing I bet.

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