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Hello all,

My mind has been swirling with so many thoughts this week it’s hard to decide what to write about.  The news is filled with hope and despair, the weather is grey but mild and my kids are healthy but I’ve really been struggling with all the indoor time and I feel like we’re all going a bit nuts.  It’s not the weather that prevents us from getting outside – it’s the fact that it gets dark so early.  Yuck.



This weekend we are going to take Bastien to see the Bubble Guppies Live!  I’m so excited to see how he likes it.  We’ll also hit up the skating rink again and try to get outside while it’s light out.  I think we are also going to get our tree!  I’m excited as Bastien is finally understanding everything to do with Christmas.

I’m also so grateful to everyone who has been writing, commenting and sharing stories on the blog.  It’s because of my fabulous readers that this is such a joy for me.  So thank-you!

xx Michelle


Some great cookbooks for gift giving.

Best idea for easy and modern wall art (and inexpensive!)

Modern reflective bike wear.

In Ottawa?  Shop locally with this list.

Did you know Lego has it’s own font (and it’s free?)  I see many birthday ideas in the future.

This appetizer looks so yum.

Did you know that inhalable cocktails are a thing?

Food still edible from a lost 150 year old steamboat.

Pet Food vs Baby Food

Brings me back to my year in Denmark.

And sometimes you just need to read a story like this to see a little bit of hope.

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    Dear Michelle,

    thanks so much for including my wall decor DIY in your week-end selection, so glad you liked it. I just discovered your blog, and will be very happy to come back to read it, it’s brilliant ! Have a nice week-end, Daphne

      • Michelle
      • December 6, 2015

      Thank-you for your kind words! I loved your wall decor DIY and hope to recreate it in our house! And thanks so much for kind words about the blog! I hope you come back and find more inspiration!

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