Do you Resolute? Here’s mine…

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I am not sure if using the word resolute in that sense really works… but what I mean is New Year’s Resolutions – yes or no?

I do.  I’ve talked about my resolutions in the past here.  Somehow putting them online makes me have to stick to them a bit more.

This year, I want to invest in me.  Yes, I want to spend time with my kids and family but I also want to focus on personal development and just taking better care of myself.

Eat my fruit and vegetables. My kids get tons of fruit and vegetables.  I often watch them eat a pear, apple or roasted carrots while I munch on…  chocolate.  Guys, dead serious on this.

Exercise. I have no idea how and when this will happen. We have an exercise bike in the basement that my husband uses but it does not appeal to me at all.  I used to run a lot but running in the bitter cold and darkness?  I’m not sure I’m that motivated.  TBD

Skills. I need to focus on improving areas where I am currently feeling a bit frustrated or stagnant.  Right now the biggie for me is photo editing and getting the right feel to my photos.  I think this is just a lot of looking at photos to see what I like and taking photos to see what works for me.

Me.  I need to start investing a little bit more in myself.  I need to go for a bra fitting and stop wearing an old sports bra on rotation.  I used to like getting dressed and putting together outfits – it made me feel more confident.  I didn’t dread seeing people I know on the street.  I’m not going to say I need to start dressing up or wearing tons of makeup – I say each to their own on that front – but hiding when I see people is probably not great.  Paying a little more attention to what I put on, not ALWAYS throwing my hair in a ponytail.  I think these are good things.  Also… I need to switch out the 3-4 makeup products I use for new ones that aren’t expired.  (yes – yuck)

Michelle Little Photography

Photography.  I’ve decided that I’d like to do lifestyle photography (families & newborns) professionally.  This means more photos and better photos of my kids and others as I grow and learn.  It means reaching out to the community, accepting critiques and growing as a photographer. I’m verrrry excited.  (And a big thanks to my amazing husband for the camera upgrade!!)

If you are in the area and interested in a family lifestyle or newborn session at a reduced rate while I build my portfolio please contact me for details.

What about you guys?  Do you do resolutions or do you think they are a waste of time?

And Happy New Year’s Guys!!  To a fantastic 2016 and great things for everyone!

xx Michelle


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