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So, I feel like I’m going crazy and have narrowed it down to two things:

  1. My son gets up ridiculously early (5am).  No matter what time you go to bed… 5am is early.
  2. My blog is taking off (yay!) but I seem to have it on my mind all the time (boo).  Well, not all the time but especially when I’m at home a thought will pop into my head and then I’ll worry I’ll forget about it and then I’ll lose focus on the task I was already doing and…. argh.

Anyone else?  I used to be great separating work & home but I guess when it’s your own business… things are different.

It seems especially timely then that I am running two new series on the blog with a bunch of FABULOUS women.

The first explores work-life balance and is a series of Q&A’s with women about what works for them.  A friend asked me if this was a how-to with tips, and although I have asked some general advice questions it’s really more about seeing what works for other people, taking bits of it and making it work for you. Everyone has a different setup and personality and what works for one mom will not always work for another.  But, if you are anything like my friends and I, childcare, family routines, balance and ultimately happiness are always in the mix of our thoughts.  Also, sometimes I see women on the street and I just think – that person has three kids… how the hell do they look so put together?  Or am I the only one?

The second series is a Q&A on beauty, fashion and favourite spots in Montreal (and eventually across Canada!)  It’s about those women you admire and wonder what their beauty regimen consists of, if they have a favourite pair of jeans, where they shop and what their tips and tricks are.  So, I just decided to ask and find out!

I hope you are as excited as I am. Thanks, as always, for reading Roasted.  Without my readers there would be nothing!

xx Michelle


This kit looks amazing.

This dress is sooo glam!


Breast milk is amazing.

To-die for kids clothes.



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