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Hello all!

I hope you have an exciting weekend ahead!  My husband is taking my son to the advanced screening of The Peanuts Movie and I’m pretty excited for them (by the way – I occasionally give away tickets for these events on my Facebook page!)

Other than that, I had a bit of a run-in with an apparently bitter and angry lady this morning and it totally got me down.  As I was walking, I tried to put her frowning, pinched face out of my mind and focus on the positives this week:

  1. I am getting a blow dry at awesome blow-dry salon Bløme next week!
  2. Alex is so freaking cute it drives me wild.
  3. Bastien is also cute but alas, a bit moody. lol.  (Yesterday I asked him 20 times if he wanted a banana – I felt like I was in an insane asylum)
  4. It’s Halloween soon and that means cute kids in costume.
  5. I put up a creepy doll in our window that kind of makes me laugh every time I see it.
  6. People want to collaborate with me on the blog!  People read the blog!
  7. Childcare for Alex, one morning a week.  A-maz-ing.
  8. The curtain in our bedroom is finally getting fixed which means we’ll be able to open it for the first time in over a year!
  9. The colours on the leaves are beautiful.
  10. No one has been sick in ages.  KNOCK ON WOOD.

And, just like that, writing that made me feel a bit better.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and happy halloween!

xx Michelle

ps My son is going to be a snake….  lol (his choice!)


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