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Best Breakfasts |

Toast with jam and peanut butter or toast with honey and peanut butter has pretty much been my breakfast staple for the past four years.  It’s easy, filling and pretty classic.  But after four years, I’m sort of getting ready to move on.

Best Breakfasts |

There’s no way that I’m going to start going all fancy but a change would be nice.  I’m wondering what you guys do for an easy breakfast?  I have heard of people pre-prepping smoothie ingredients to throw them easily in the blender.

Best Breakfasts |

I’m also starting to try cereal but the sugar gets me down.  I’ve been eating plain cornflakes with berries but I’m finding it a little dull.  I was recently sent some cereal from the new Montreal company Mixit and have been enjoying the change from my usual.

Best Breakfasts |

Mixit is an idea that originally came from the Czech Republic.  Stephanie, originally from Val d’Or, moved to the Czech republic where she met her husband, Oldrich.  While there they had a son name Alexandre who was born in Bucharest.

Best Breakfasts |

The whole family fell in love with Mixit in Prague when they were trying to eat healthier food.  Stephanie’s office colleagues ordered Mixit as a midday snack and she started ordering it for her family.  When the family moved back to Canada they approached the Czech owners and decided to launch Mixit in Canada.

I like the concept because you can either create your own mix using a huge selection of cereals, dried fruits, nuts and seeds or use a pre-made mix.  I made my own mix (which I saved so I can order it again) and also ordered a ready made mix (Twirling Strawberries).  You can choose which tube you want as well so each family member can have their own style.

I was curious as to what the Stephanie and Oldrich preferred and found that even little Alexandre had his favourite:

Stephanie’s favorite mix: Dr Bircher, hulled hemp seeds, walnuts, goji, vanilla, sunflower seeds

Alexandre favorite mix: Honey granola, Ancient Grain Flakes, Wheat pillows, All Bran, Lyo strawberries and as much semi dark chocolate as mom will allow

Oldrich favorite mix: Gluten Light, Flavour Full

Cool idea, no?  If you’d like to try check out the Mixit website.

What are your favourite breakfast ideas?  What are your favourite toddler breakfast ideas?  I’d love to hear.


(I was sent two tubes of Mixit cereal and I loved it so was happy to do a post on this awesome Montreal company)



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