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I don’t know about you but I kind of feel like going somewhere I can just wear a swimsuit and flip flops all day long, eat lazy food and swim in warm waters.  I have to admit on weekends here it kind of feels like we are in a beach house (we swim so often we just set up a laundry rack in the shower to let clothes drip) but it’s not the same.  I’m thinking back to my backpacking days when I would just eat banana pancakes everyday or stay up all night dancing and drinking beer.  I think even if I went back to those places now though it would be different.  I would be older and have a different perspective.  More cautious, more conscious of time and much less naive about my surroundings.  I would no longer be able to turn away from the extreme poverty without feeling sick to my stomach wondering about little kids going hungry or be so willing to make cultural excursions without wondering about exploitation.  I would be more questioning.

And so it is…

So, I’m glad I did it all when I was young and I will do it again but just in a different way – a way that is right for the times and me.  But, I promise, I will one day eat banana pancakes again.

And, the pool and crisp lake isn’t so bad either.

xx Michelle

Do you sew?  These patterns are the CUTEST.  Make it with fabric from this company which is the best.  (idea from Avril Loreti’s Instagram)

What’s your fave ice cream flavour?  I recently made roasted marshmallow which was pretty fab.  I’ll be trying this recipe.

This trailer gave me shivers:

And on another depressing note – did you know 10,000 children are trafficked in order to work in the cocoa trade?  I once watched a documentary that was so sad I always think twice before selecting the chocolate I buy.  I am always a little disappointed when I don’t see more of the patisseries and chocolate makers in Montreal using ethically sourced chocolate.  If someone could explain to me why it’s like this I’d love to hear.

Turns out skinny jeans are bad for your health.


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