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Top Food Posts |

I had fun looking over my top food posts and was surprised to see what was popular (who knew black rice pudding is a winner?!)

I’m going to continue with my simple supper series next week but am going to start mixing it up with other easy eats.  In the meantime, check out some of the most popular picks on Roasted.

Sticky Maple Banana Bread |

8. Sticky Banana and Maple Cake

I made this one when I needed something to brighten up some tough times with our nutty little sleeper.

Cheat's Pizza |

7. Jamie Oliver’s Cheat’s Pizza

Who knew pizza could be quick and tasty?  This pizza can be whipped up (from scratch) during a weeknight.

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork |

6. Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

A classic slow cooker meal, pulled pork is a versatile dish using a relatively inexpensive cut.

Black Rice Pudding |

5. Black Rice Pudding

An exotic twist on plain old rice pudding, this took me back to me time living in Thailand.

Easy Orzo with bacon & peas |

4. Nigella’s Easy Orzo with Pancetta & Peas

This is definitely one of our go-to meals and I’m happy to see it’s a hit with you guys too.

Pyrogies |

3. Pyrogies – A Family Recipe

This post was a test of patience – both from making the recipe to writing the actual steps required.  This recipe has been in our family for a long time and even though it’s a bit of a pain, home made pyrogies are the best!

European Style Hot Chocolate |

2. European Style Hot Chocolate

Drinking this hot chocolate took me back to our visit to Prague, sipping thick hot chocolate and not doing much at all.

 Galette des Rois |

1. Galette des Rois

Fairly easy to make and quite impressive, this Galette des Rois is how we celebrate La Fête des Rois.  Most people buy their galette but I’m impressed by how many of you want to make your own!

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