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How was your week?  Mine was pretty good but it seems our little baby Alex is growing up and just when I thought I had him all figured out I’m scratching my head again.  I don’t know if he’s teething or what’s going on but I’m sure we’ll understand each other soon.  Or he’ll grow out of it and change again.

I’ve been enjoying the nice (humid!) weather and we’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors.  I love chatting with neighbours, meeting new people in the park and discovering new streets (Redfern between Sherbrooke and Sainte Catherine is stunning!)  Plus, any excuse to eat ice cream is perfect for me.  From fancy Kem CoBa to Dairy Queen (a friend introduced me to Oreo AND Skor Blizzards – GENIUS) to home made (I’m going to whip up some Big Gay Ice Cream coconut ice cream today) it’s alllll good.

What are you guys up to?


Are you on We Heart It?  Apparently 25 million people are but I’ve just discovered it (I’m here).  It’s fantastic for inspiration and ideas and seems to more beautifully curated than Pinterest which can be a bit of a mess.

Have you ever heard of Every Mother Counts which was founded by Christy Turlington Burns?  (Yes, that Christy Turlington)  I’m always skeptical of celebrities and good actions, but she’s got her Masters in Public Health and they were recommended by the ladies behind one of my fave blogs Mama Congo.  Read the stats on the website.. as usual for me.. mega tears.  I just can’t get over how much other women suffer.  Needlessly.

Drooling over this list of the world’s Top 10 Food Markets.

These cows are too cute.  I’d love for someone to let me know if non-organic dairy cows get this outdoor treatment too.

Moving soon or need some greening up?  Plantzy allows Montrealers the chance to buy plants online and have them delivered right to your door for free.  They have a cool selection and I’m always partial to the odd looking ones.

I’m loving this website and this outfit.  Wha’ d’ya think?

We need more prints in our house and I think these maps are just lovely.  They’d also make a great Father’s Day gift.

I’ve really been into this 100 Years of Beauty Series (Iran & Mexico were fascinating!) and now India is up.

This shirt made me laugh.

Umm… this hoodie (or bunny hug for you Saskatchewanites) would be great for boozy camping trips.

I’m not quite sure what I’d use this for… but I love it!

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