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This week has been pretty mediocre on so many accounts.  Montreal had rain all week including snow (snow!) yesterday and it’s matched my mood.  I started feeling sick and have felt rundown with a cold and sore throat all week.  Bedtimes have been EARLY.  ‘Cause, with two munchkins I never know what my night will be like.

I was talking to a new mom yesterday and it brought me back to those dark days when I was a new mom too.  I really feel for any new mom, whether you have help or not, whether you had an inkling what was in store for you or not.  Yes, it’s joy and beautiful and amazing (soooooo amazing!) but it’s also full of tears and doubts and mood swings (those hormones!) and loneliness.  This is when it’s so important to find other moms out there to bond with.  Share your tales and know your not alone.  That’s how I got and continue to make it through the tough times.  Also, know it may get worse before it gets better (so glad someone told me that – that 6-8 week mark is TOUGH) and that yes, newborns tend only to nap on other people (i.e. mom or dad) and it’s normal.

Hang in there!

is nail art dead?  I don’t know but I’m digging this

I wish I’d started this when my  kids were born – great idea

an amazing blog on Nordic design (from Ste-Adele, QC!)

I want THIS bag for the pool this summer

ps Here’s to hoping for more sun ahead!

    • PJ
    • April 24, 2015

    Thanks so much for including a link to my monthly baby photos FAQ in your lovely round up! I’m pinning images from that nail art post right now! Have a wonderful weekend ~

      • Michelle
      • April 24, 2015

      My pleasure! Love your blog!

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