Valentine’s Day

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It’s freaking cold outside.  Like -36C cold.  I was thinking about heading to the mall but getting into an accident just because I wanted to hang out at the Gap and eat half-rate Chinese food doesn’t really seem to be the best plan.  So I’m thinking about Valentine’s Day instead.  I wanted originally to do a roundup of easy Valentine’s Day Bakes pulled from my Pinterest board until I realized that even for a crazy baker like me I wouldn’t attempt half those recipes (flooding cookies?  No thanks.)

So instead I’m going to come up with some easier, doable alternatives and hopefully bake and post them.  That’s the plan anyways.

I’m also thinking up ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my son.  It seems like such a girly holiday, but deep down it’s about telling those you love how special they are to you which I think is important.

Decorating Valentine’s Day cards seems like the best approach and a good snow day activity.  We could also bake or decorate a cake.  Although we were recently at a birthday party where one of the activities was decorating cookies.  My son promptly declared that he did not want to decorate the cookie but just eat it.  Sigh.

How do you guys celebrate Valentine’s Day with your little ones?

ps My new plan to get fit (in the privacy of my home please!)

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