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I’ve definitely been experiencing cabin fever these past few weeks.  It’s been insanely cold and the streets have been full of snow which means heading out with a stroller is pretty tough.

Alex turned into a regular old newborn which for me means he only naps in the carrier or stroller.  As the stroller has been out the past few days he’s been in the baby carrier.  I tend to either do little bounces with him while watching ridiculous plot twists on Grey’s Anatomy or bake a ridiculous amount of food.  We have seriously been going through the butter here.  When he’s really in a deep sleep I can perch on the edge of a chair and plop out blog posts such as this one.

I think he’s still a bit too young to head out in the baby carrier with all those layers of clothing and wind.  Plus, I’m so scared of slipping…

How do you guys keep motivated while inside with a baby?

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    Now is the time to embrace Montreal’s famous “underground city”! Hitting the malls may not sound glamourous, but underground parking is a pretty alluring way to get to shops, cafes, and much-needed lunch dates. Ailes de la Mode has a nursing/baby room on the third floor. For groceries, Adonis on Atwater has underground parking and an elevator right into the grocery store.

    An outing I save for really cold days is to head to the Botanical Gardens. They have a huge series of connecting greenhouses that are downright tropical… a welcome hit of heat — and COLOUR! — this time of year.

    Good luck out there and stay warm!

    P.S. If you need a reason to brave the cold, consider making the rounds to drop off any baked goods looking for a good home. 😉

      • Michelle
      • January 17, 2015

      Hey Maxine,

      GOOD SUGGESTIONS! Where is the entrance to hit up Ailes, etc. for the underground parking?? Ditto with Adonis?

      Also I like the botanical gardens idea a lot!! I could use the tropics…

      And I’ll bring some baked goods for everyone tonight 🙂

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