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lululemon | Très Barre | www.roastedmontreal.comThink Fast Tank / Energy Bra / Runday Crop

As part of my collaboration with lululemon, I was offered a Mommy&BABYbarre class with Très STUDIOBarre, which is handily located next door to lululemon St-Denis.  I absolutely jumped at the chance and couldn’t wait to get these muscles in use again.  As I’m breastfeeding and Alex is pretty much attached to me (he’s in his baby carrier as I type this up!) the Mommy&BABYbarre class was definitely the best fit for us but they have tons of other classes including Barre, Stott Pilates, Yoga and PreNatal.

lululemon | très STUDIObarre | www.roastedmontreal.comYogi Crew SweaterThink Fast Tank / Energy Bra / Runday Crop

First things first… I am no ballerina.  Ksenia (pictured above) was a very helpful and patient instructor and she worked with me to improve my posture and make sure I was doing the moves correctly.  If you think you need to be some sort of ex-ballerina to take this class believe me you don’t and neither is anyone else doing the class.  Everyone is pretty much concentrating on their own thing and just trying to breathe through the burn… because this class seriously works the muscles.

lululemon | très STUDIObarre | www.roastedmontreal.com

lululemon | très STUDIObarre | www.roastedmontreal.com

The class starts off on the floor and every step of the way you are fairly engaged with your baby.  The light bright studio is very welcoming and if you need to take time outs to feed it’s totally fine.

lululemon | très STUDIObarre | www.roastedmontreal.com

After the floor work you move on to the barre with the baby in the carrier.  This was probably the best part as the bouncy moves just lull the babies to sleep and you can concentrate on your moves.  Ballerinas make it look easy… but man it’s tough.  Pliés, ronde de jambes à terre,  elevés, and battements tendu all sound pretty but are pretty tough work.  (And yes, I looked up all those terms.)

lululemon | très STUDIObarre | www.roastedmontreal.com

The class really was fun and a good workout with baby, especially in the winter when getting outside means dragging your stroller through snowbanks.  And of course, having some clothes that fit you right and make you feel confident enough to get your photo taken while you are trying to pull off a ballet pose when you don’t know what you are doing helps too.  My only side note about the studio would be that there are outdoor stairs to get up to the studio so that you may want to leave the big stroller in the car and just use a baby carrier.

During this collaboration I really rediscovered lululemon and I was impressed with what I saw.  The fit of their clothes is great but I was really impressed with the fabrics, colours and patterns too.  Not only do their traditional workout clothes do the trick, their casual stuff is pretty fab too.

Remember, that if you are looking for casual clothes lululemon has a huge selection too.  Check out my previous post here.

For more on their technical clothes that I am wearing above check out my post here.


Thank-you lululemon for the experience and the clothes!  And thanks to Très STUDIObarre for the workout!


Check out lululemon St-Denis’ Facebook page here or their store details here.

Très STUDIObarre details are here.   


All photos by Isabelle Hayes.  (Check out her Ye Ye Style Blog and Ye Ye Vintage Boutique while you’re at it!)

*This post was sponsored by lululemon.

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