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ESI01_25_ambMediterraneo Bowl

I’ve always been a fan of Alessi.  It’s fun and functional.  Back when we were a bit more free and wild with our cash (read: childless) we loved heading down to John Lewis in London and checking out all the gorgeous Alessi designs on display.  We brought back with us the above bowl in red and a bunch of these delightful canisters.  The stuff lasts forever, and makes me smile.  Pretty and practical… that’s me!

BG01_W_usoCargo Box

So I was delighted when I was invited to view Alessi’s new products, and even more delighted to find out that Montreal had it’s own Alessi store on Crescent that is STOCKED with every Alessi product you could imagine.

A few of my favourites include the above Mediterraneo bowl (or as I call it the coral bowl) that we have but is now available in a more practical size halfway between the large one we have and the mini one.  They are also now selling a bowl insert so you can actually serve salad or whatever in it.

I also liked the Cargo box (above) and thought it would be perfect on the back of our sink or in my office, which although it’s way bigger than what I used to have seems to have all of a sudden gotten so cluttered.

CR'03_40_Enamel Paint BlueJoy n. 3

For a big statement – I liked this huge serving tray.  I especially loved the colour and the way the light bounced off it.

FGO05Jumbo Purse Hook

From both a style and cleanliness standpoint I liked this cute little Jumbo purse hook.  Sticking my purse on the floor in a restaurant really grosses me out and sometimes I don’t feel comfortable hanging it on a chair.  When I’m really wary I’ll hook it around my legs which, let’s face it, kind of sucks.  This little guy retails at $33 (if I recall) and I think is a cute and easy gift to give.

And lastly…

AMJ13_insLOW copy

I’m definitely not someone who a) changes her christmas tree every year to fit the trends or b) just buys a bunch of generic decorations to stick on the tree (for a quick look at what IS on my tree check out this post).  So, the idea of giving ornaments is pretty appealing to me.  I have no idea what an angry owl or a pig in a reindeer hat has to do with Christmas… but I like it!

ps What do you think about Christmas Parties?  This post I wrote last year still makes me laugh…

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