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faintly remember those first weeks with my first son.  It is a bit of a blur but I do recall thinking a) this is insane how can I be up for hours at night and b) did I put on deodorant today?

What is the key to keeping your sanity throughout those first dark weeks?  I think it has to do with simplifying your life, looking at what’s really important, and prioritizing.

I remember if I had say 10 minutes free and a million things to do I would just think to myself – what is the most important thing that needs to be done?  Then I’d just do it.  End of story.  Move on.

Now that baby is actually here, things are MUCH different this time around (read: better… post to come) and I’ve thought about what really got me through this first week…

1. Friends – at night with babes breastfeeding as well.  There’s nothing that takes away that feeling of loneliness than getting a text message right back at 2am.

2. Kindle – I love reading my kindle at night.  It doesn’t have the bright screen which can make looking at an iPhone tough  for falling asleep again.  Plus it’s light and I can hold it with one hand.  And – one touch buying?  Yes, please!  I especially love loading up samples of the books are reading through bits of books I’d probably never look at otherwise.  (ps I’m reading this right now and it’s great… easy, quick and relevant)

3. Food – I debated about making food prior to baby and am sooo glad I did.  Tonight’s dinner – frozen (healthy) Shephard’s Pie please!  If you haven’t made any yourself check out my food delivery options if you are here in Montreal.

4. Family – My parents are here and I’ve just given in and let them do everything.  Hold the baby, do the dishes, make dinner, buy me maxi pads.  They volunteer and I take it.

Pretty simple – no?

ps If you are freaking out about what you need to buy for your new baby, check out my list here


    • Cristina
    • November 3, 2014

    I have been wondering how it would be like having a two year old and a newborn. I am due in 5 weeks. Really appreciate this post. Will definitely make food in advance and freeze. My faves are anything you can make in a crockpot.
    For my son, my best friend while breastfeeding was candy crush on my cell phone….I know pretty sad huh but helped a lot.
    The hardest part I find will be trying to manage my time between two kids.

      • Michelle
      • November 3, 2014


      Yes, I think anything you can do in advance to help yourself out is definitely worth the effort, even if it seems exhausting during your last few weeks!

      Anything to get you through breastfeeding works in my opinion!

      Good luck with everything!

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