Cheap Food Often Has a Price

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ThailandShrimpBuckets-Environmental-Justice-Foundation-Approximately-90-per-cent-of-Thailands-seafood-is-for-export.-It-is-also-the-worlds-largest-exporter-of-shrimp-with-Japan-the-US-and-the-EU-its-largest-markets-700x466photo via

I recently read this article from UK newspaper The Guardian on slave labour in Thailand used to supply shrimp to the world’s tables.

I just couldn’t get it out of my head.

I can’t believe that something I would buy would profit slave traders who kill at will.

Honestly, it made me so depressed.  I’ve been trying to think if the world is becoming darker, or if we are just learning more about these practices.  I personally think horrible stories have been going on like this probably forever, but with global media we are becoming more and more aware of practices.  As a result, I think we can no longer ignore what’s right in front of our faces.

It’s hard to know what’s behind everything I buy but I try to make conscious decisions to buy goods and products that are ethically made.  Sometimes this is expensive (OK most of the time.)  So, I buy less.  Or with meat for example, I buy cheaper cuts.  Instead of buying chicken breasts I always cut up a whole chicken (I’ve become a pro at it! My tip – use scissors!)  or we eat a lot of tough meats that require long braising.  I try to buy clothing that I know was made in an ethical manner (have you seen those World Vision ads – they are haunting.)

What do you think?  Do you try to spend your money in an ethical manner?

To read the entire report on the Asian Slave Labour in the Thai Shrimp Trade read the article here.  

ps sorry for such a downer post on a Friday but I seriously couldn’t stop thinking about it.


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    • Emily Morrice
    • June 20, 2014

    Yes! Exactly. We do the cheaper cuts thing too. Ground meats are the best bet and easily found local and organic around Montreal. With BBQ season upon us I’m trying lots of different variations of burgers with a clear conscience. Costco also sells ethically sourced shrimp at a good price 😉

      • Michelle
      • June 20, 2014

      That’s good to know that Costco sells ethically sourced shrimp, but I’d be interested to know to what extent they check their supply chain. It’s clear from the article than many companies only went so far in checking their sources….

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