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Darth Vader and Son

Darth Vader and Son from Amazon

I little while back after doing my post on gifts for a new mom I was asked if I could come up with some fun father’s day gifts.  I specifically tried to choose gifts that tied into being a father, and not just a nice tie (although there are a couple suggestions like that too.)  I think fatherhood has come a long way and fathers are more and more involved with their child and their child’s upbringing.  And yay for that!  A positive influence on a child’s life is always a great thing.

I think the Darth Vader and Son book above is pretty cute, especially since many fathers these days are fans of the original movies (the amount of Star Wars toys on sale in Toys R Us is a tribute to the movie’s lasting popularity).  This book explores in a fun way what would have happened if Mr. Vader were more involved in raising his son.  Very cute.

Indie Rock Colouring Book

Indie Rock Coloring Book from Amazon

This Indie Rock Colouring Book is pretty sensational and hits on all the indie greats like Wolf Parade, The National, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Bon Iver and Broken Social Scene.  Makes colouring time so much more fun!

Sunfields Press 2014

Habitat by Sunfields

Is your guy stuck in a rut still listening to Nirvana Nevermind?  Buy him some catchy new tunes.  I love the upbeat tempo to Montreal band Sunfield’s new album Habitat.  It’s the perfect album for summer tunes and relaxing with the kids in the backyard.


Personalised Destination Blind Print from Coconutgrass on Not On the High Street

You can literally put anything on these fully customisable prints.  I like the idea of putting dream travel destinations that you want to visit with your children.  What would I put?  Sydney, London, New York, Maine, Paris, and… maybe Bangkok 🙂

Flex Hoodie Adult Flex Fleece Hoodie

Infant Flex Fleece Hoodie & Adult Flex Fleece Hoodie by American Apparel

I can think of a few dads who sport American Apparel hoodies on a regular basis.  Why not get the kiddo a matching look?  The flex fleece hoodie comes in adult and infant sizes as small as 3 months.  Genius!


Vilebrequin Father & Son matching swimwear

Fancy pants swimwear line Vilebrequin has a line of father & son matching swimwear which is just too cute.  A lot of dads love swimming with their kids so there could be plenty of opportunities to sport the look.

twisted tee

Pint Twinset from Twisted Twee

This combo comes in a million colours and sizes (from newborn to 10 years old).  Too cute, and the t-shirt is nice enough to be worn on it’s own (for dad or the little nipper!)

Cuff Loves

Customised Cufflinks by Cuff Love (Made in Revelstoke, BC!)

Instead of a serious picture, why not throw in a goofy picture of your kid to bring a smile to dad’s face during those tough board meetings??  I also love these initial cufflinks and these transformer toy cufflinks (I’ve bought both!)

Leather diaper bag

Leather Diaper Bag from TW Brown

Is your hubby lugging around your diaper bag everywhere?  Get him his own version that you’ll love too with this gorgeous leather diaper bag.


Dakota Apron by Hedley & Bennett on Brika

This apron is definitely masculine enough to encourage dad to get cooking.  Or barbecuing, or whatever floats his boat!


Battery Backup and Wall Charger by FlLUXMOB

This is the world’s smallest battery backup and wall charger, which means you charge your phone through it and you can take it with you as a backup charger. It’s basically genius. And sold out… so pre-order yours now!

Did I miss anything?  What did you guys get?

Big thanks to Jenn at Luna Yoga and Jenny W for your suggestions!

You can also check out more of my picks on Pinterest and Etsy.

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