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AnnaKJMNo, you aren’t going to see a list of my favourite dresses here (although I’ll put the one I would have worn below).  I just wanted to make a comment about the whole debacle.  See, I haven’t watched the oscars for years.  I don’t know – TV just isn’t really my thing (except, it seems, Downton Abbey).  But this year I decided to check it out, and what struck me most on the red carpet was how nervous the stars all looked.  I saw an interview with Anna Kendrick and she looked practically terrified.  Maybe it’s because she saw people looking disapprovingly at her dress?  See, she made most worst dressed lists.

This all seems just a tad cruel, no?  I mean, why?  Why not just a best-dressed list?  Maybe I’m feeling way too sorry for these celebrities, or maybe they’d say to me “Michelle – no worries – we are used to all this hatred.”   I don’t know – am I being too sensitive?

Anyways, I thought most of the dresses were absolutely stunning.  If I had to pick one for myself I think it would be Karen O’s little diddy – but maybe in a different colour than black.

rs_634x1024-140302162315-634.karen-o-oscars-030214I love the old school glamour feeling that it gives!


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