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My son is still a bit of a drooler.  Sometimes he drools without his pacifier,  but when that darn pacifier (or souce as we call it around here) is in his mouth it’s a constant stream.

FGB0049_dribble_bib_funky_giraffeI’m trying to slowly getting him off the pacifier during the day (night is a whole other story) but sometimes in the evenings I’m just so darn tired I give in.  That’s where these bibs, I mean bandanas, from Funky Giraffe Bibs come in.



My sister sent me a bunch of them from the UK and said they were very popular there.  I appreciated them when B was a newborn, but now that he is older sticking a baby bib on him just seems wrong and aren’t these bandana bibs way cooler?

Check out their website here!


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