Birthdays and Cakes that Fall Apart & Are Glued Back Together

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IMG_7976So, for the next little while I am going to try and post when I can but not kill myself to put up a post everyday.  But I wanted to write about Bastien’s birthday and tell you all how it went!

This year we celebrated at both sides of his Montreal family, I made cupcakes for the daycare, and we had a mini-party at our house.

For the mini party at our house my mom was here to help, but I kept it pretty simple.  I only invited a few of his little friends so everyone would be the same age, get along, and the house wouldn’t be totally out of control (just mostly out of control).

The theme was blue/green and we had streamers and pom poms hanging.

For the treat bags I made the jello play dough I talked about earlier – it was sort of a pain in the bum but at least it could be done in advance.

And the cake…

I went with this tried and true recipe which I talked about before but I tripled it.  In the end, I didn’t have anything to line the pans, and I think I stuck too much batter in the tins.  Anyways, when the cakes came out of the tins, not all of it was still attached…

But you know what?  I didn’t panic.  I just glued it all together with icing, and no one seemed to notice or care.

My intention was to decorate the cake in white, light blue, and dark blue stars like this cake here but in the end I started getting frustrated with all the icing used to patch things up and fill in holes and just re-evaluated and decided killing myself for a kids cake wasn’t worth it.  I switched plans, printed out a two and used sprinkles to decorate the top (inspiration here).  I admit I cringed slightly when the cake came out, but let it go pretty quick.  Everyone was in a good mood and the cake tasted great.  And, some folks even got extra icing.



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