Funny Valentine’s Day Cards

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sweetperversion on Etsy

I’m trying to find the purrrfect Valentine’s Day Card and in the name of supporting artists and not buying a $5 card from my local Jean Coutu I’m checking out cards well in advance.  (and apparently writing like a cat…)

There’s some funny shit out there.


JulieAnnArt on Etsy

I’m not quite so sure why everything I write is profanity laced these days (wait until you see wednesday’s post!) but I’ll just ride the expletive-is-funny wave for a moment.


EmilyMcDowellDraws on Etsy


DickensInk on Etsy


you're gross

thunderpeep on Etsy (she’s in Toronto!)


FlytrapOnE on Etsy (ps click on the link and view inside!)

These cards are amazing but American Etsy sellers…. why oh why is the shipping cost to send a card to Canada a whopping $10?  Do you really think any sane person would accept this?  Please re-think your shipping fees and I will be happy to buy from you!

ps Do you still give cards or do you think it’s old fashioned?

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    I have actually purchased and given that first card to my husband… (for our anniversary and not Valentine’s day…but they’re both in February). I seem to remember the shipping only being a few dollars. Which was still a huge percentage of the card, but better than $10!

      • Michelle
      • February 3, 2014

      Heya – too funny! It’s a great card!

      I don’t know if all the sellers charged $10 but I know one of them did. I actually bought a whole stack of cards from an American Etsy seller – the first one had quite expensive charges but the rest were only 0.20 per card. If I don’t get charged duty (fingers crossed!) it will work out to around $5 per card – which is roughly on par with what you’d pay for a Hallmark card plus all our ridiculous taxes in QC.

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