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OK, so first a few things.  I am not good with phones.  Don’t leave me a voice mail – I won’t check it.  Don’t call my mobile phone – the sound isn’t even on so unless I am looking at my phone the moment you ring, I won’t answer.

I have a landline so that people can call and I will actually answer.  But again, don’t leave a message.

I like FaceTime, I like email, and I love getting stuff and sending things in the mail.  But the phone? Nah.

So, I was a bit surprised recently when I was given direct phone numbers of several semi-famous Quebec vedette’s to contact them for an article.

I don’t think I’ve contacted someone out of the blue, basically, ever.  And in the end, couldn’t bring myself to just randomly ring them up.

What do you think?  Am I just phone adverse?  Do you think that email has taken over in a bad way or is it a good thing?  Personally, I like to be able to answer an email at my leisure although I believe it has it’s limits (sarcasm doesn’t work very well in emails nor does it work for discussing extremely serious matters, in my opinion).

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