My Nerdy New Year’s Resolutions

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There’s something very coercive about putting your resolutions out in the public domain.  It really is a good motivator to actually do what I set out to considering only 8% of people keep their resolutions.

So without further ado:


Stop cutting my own bangs.  You know when people say to you gently ‘did you cut your own bangs?’ you have to STOP.  This also goes for my son.  I recently cut his bangs (out of love!) and his hair now very much looks like that of Rod Stewart.  Very much.  People are commenting.

Exercise at least 20 minutes a day even if it’s just walking around the block.  This sounds like something I’d tell an elderly uncle.  I think I need to find me a step class.. do those still exist?

Create a webpage for my writing portfolio.  I bought the domain name, and then… nothing.  Get on it.

Buy only items that I love, and are of good quality.  This goes for food too.  This was also a resolution last year, and honestly I think I’ve been doing pretty good.  So yay  for me.

Clean all those weird spaces in the house.  You know – under the bed, the shelves in the bathroom cupboards, the utensil holders in the kitchen… My husband is probably doing a fist pump as he reads this.

Get out more.  It’s easy to be a freelance writer, working from home, in my bubble…. no makeup, same clothes as yesterday, and hair in a braid.  There’s something to be said for facing the world.

And… I think that’s it.

I don’t think I need to put down anything ‘career wise’ as I think I work pretty hard on it everyday.  I have some personal career goals, but they are just that… personal – and frankly I want them so bad I don’t need to publish them to motivate myself.  It seems like the new career has been slow going, but if I think that I’ve only been doing it since September I have done some pretty good work which I’d love to tell you about but not all of it’s published and I don’t want to jinx it.

What are your goals?????

ps What happens to all those models who have their hair cut in weirdo do’s (see above) or their brows plucked off or bleached or whatever.  Do they just have to ride it out?  Is it all wigs?  Is this a weird thing to ponder?

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