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3rd lookSo, I haven’t exactly done a lot of crafts with Bastien.  He’s juuuuust leaving that stage where he puts everything in his mouth and is slowly starting to understand gluing and painting.  I did a craft with him and the rest of his group at daycare and it was so cute but there was a lot of sticking the entire paint brush in the mouth, leaving a tongue coated in thick green paint (we did wreaths).

Front of PackageBut I love to craft, and I think he will too.  But where to start?  When my friend told me about My Little Craft Crate, out of Toronto, I was sold.

boxThe company will send you a box full of crafts every month in subscriptions up to 6 months or you can just order them as a one off. Instead of scrambling to buy crafting supplies and come up with activities, each crate comes with 3 crafts and one activity.  What a great and easy alternative to screen time.  Each crate also highlights developmentally appropriate learning skills.

1st Look InsideI thought the Christmas Craft Crate would be perfect for over the holidays.  There is a note saying that this should be for kids 3 and up, but I’m sure my one year old will be OK with (grand)parental supervision.

4th lookOn a recent cold weekend afternoon, I decided to dig in and make my first craft with Bastien.  I selected the Christmas tree.

instructionsThe instructions were clear and easy, and everything was included in the kit – even the glue.  There was plenty of each material which meant felt could get lost or glue could spill.

craft crate in action 2The craft was really fun, and a great way to pass the time.  I just loved that the ideas were already in place and everything was there.  I was interested in the idea of the craft crate before, but once I actually did the craft I was sold and loved the concept.

craft crate in actionI can’t wait to try the other kits!

Order your kit from My Little Craft Crate.  They are also on Twitter and Facebook.

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