If I had an Office Christmas Party…

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Christmaspecial1ukSo, this will be the second year running that I won’t have an office christmas party to attend. I’m partly relieved and partly sad.  Frankly, I used to dread the Christmas party, except when I was in the UK (more on that later… and hence the David Brent pic)


My last Christmas party was the worst.  Let’s face it, you have to get pretty ripped along with everyone else to enjoy those things and I was dead sober and pretty heavily pregnant.  Then, they made me get up and sing karaoke in front of everyone.  Somehow I won the karaoke contest.  You think I’d receive a prize? No.

Oh no.

Instead, I had to lead my 60 person office in that song Bomba which includes a bit where you kind of swivel your hips to the floor.  Sober. Pregnant.  It was cringe worthy. Watch the video  above to get an example of the type of moves I was forced to get down to.

And then everyone started getting wasted and way too friendly and I was out.


Wizard – Always a Classic for Christmas in the UK

But ahh, my UK parties.

First off, the British aren’t known for their soberness in general and with a free ride home to wherever the hell they live 2 hours out of London the Brits really know how to rip it up.


I generally got completely trashed listening to my old boss karaoke to Spandau Ballet’s classic Gold, and taking in the free booze.

the gherkinOne year our Christmas party was in the bottom of this classy building, known as The Gherkin, and I nearly got kicked out (I cringe cringe cringe to think if that would have happened).  I started ripping apart the Christmas decorations.  I’m not sure I ever told my husband…

I seem to recall also doing the David Brent Dance (as it’s known) from The Office.  See above (it starts at around 3 minutes).  It still makes me laugh.  I was particularly good (as I recall it anyways) and my specialty was the flappy bits with the arms…  Those UK parties were a mess though.  I was working with a boozy crowd anyways (or are they all like that in the UK?) and during the span of the night 3 ambulances had to be called for colleagues too passed out to move.  Last I heard they tried cancelling the party and tried to do a summer BBQ….

But I digress… so mixed emotions.  There were some good times, and there were some bad times, as they say.  But overall, I think it always turned out better than I imagined it would be.  Except for…. bomba.

And to think the post was supposed to be about party frocks!

BTW I did try to find some party pics, but alas there were none available.

What about you guys?  Love it or dread it.

    • Shawna
    • November 10, 2014

    Somehow I missed this post last…perhaps because I was too busy debating whether or not to go to my own office party (which I didn’t attend, by the way). I’m in stitches Michelle, love the bomba bit.

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