Nevermind What Does The Fox Say? What about the zebra?

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Have you seen the video or heard the song The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) by Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis?  It’s hi-la-ri-ous and the video is ri-di-cu-lous.  The start of it feels like a conversation at our house that my son and I have for hours on end:

Dog goes woof

Cat goes meow

Bird goes tweet

and mouse goes squeek

Cow goes moo

Frog goes croak

and the elephant goes toot

All to an amazingly danceable eurotrash beat that makes you want to jump up and pull out some funky dance moves.

But then the big question in the song is of course… what does the fox say?

It reminds me of when my son brings me animals like a zebra, or a giraffe (which I am pretty sure is silent) and I just have no friggin clue what sound they make.  I just sort of improvise and make a weird hybrid moo-meow-woofy sound.

See them again on Ellen:

And go Norway!  Home of Ylvis, a-Ha, the original onesies and my great-great-grandfather!  Below is the beautiful town of Hoddevik, Norway where many of my (distant) relatives still live!

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