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Do you guys read A Cup of Jo?  It’s a pretty amazing blog by the lovely Joanna Goddard written out of NYC.

Camps in the Democratic Republic of the CongoPhoto via

She currently has a series about Motherhood Around the World.  It’s absolutely fascinating.  Having lived around the world a little myself (UK, Denmark, Mexico & Thailand) I can definitely relate to some of the sentiments.  The Norway based mother in particular reflected many of my experiences in Denmark about conformity and this idea that you are free to do whatever you want as long as it fits within this tight little box.  (Bjork said it best when she talked about ‘organized freedom’ in one of her songs)

Most surprising was today’s post on Parenting in Congo.  Congo!  I read Blood River!  That place scares the crap out of me!  But guess what – the mothers there are much more positive than the prior two in Norway and Japan.  I especially found the idea of breastfeeding and carrying around your child until they are two very interesting and so different than our culture where we often place children in daycare when they are younger than two.  Also – facial hair is a good thing!  Really!

What do you think?  Are you a parent abroad who sees differences in parenting?  What about in Canada?  Do we have difference across the country?


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