The 2013 Dirty Dozen List (& the Clean 15)

May 6, 2013 , In: Food & Grocery Delivery , With: 2 Comments


We try to eat some organic food around here, but frankly, it’s expensive and sometimes I wonder what is worth paying the extra cash for.  Once again, the Environmental Working Group has put out their annual list to help you determine which fruits and vegetables have the most pesticide residues and which are the most important to buy organic.  Perfect!

Print out the list, and take it with you next time you do your shopping!


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    I like to get organic food too…sometimes. Wondering whether some “entitled” folks understand/know how hard it is to grow food…just dirty, hard work…and how long/hard it is to be labeled “organic”. L

      • Michelle
      • October 15, 2015


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