I’m Thankful For…

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thankfulI think it’s always good to ponder and remember that we have so much to be thankful for…

I am thankful for…

My husband – who thinks I am upstairs in the shower getting ready right now but I am actually writing this post.  He has been fully supportive while I embark on my freelance writing career even with it’s meagre earnings and shaky beginnings.  He continues to take my son for walks to the park every Saturday and Sunday morning so I can work (and sleep) – something he has done since the day Bastien was born.

My parents – who showed up in Montreal from the frigid prairies less than 24 hours after I called crying that I had tonsillitis and felt deathly ill and needed their help.

My son – You are the cutest, most energetic little boy we know.  And you have started sleeping through the night again!

My nephew – who showed up just in time for Christmas!  Congrats to my sister and her husband for their beautiful new baby boy born on December 23rd in London, UK.

Gigi – My husband’s Aunt who has taken care of our little one so many times, and whose house we visit regularly where Bastien promptly starts ripping off tea towels, throwing megablocks and making everyone smell his ‘stinky shoes’

Friends – New and old, far and wide from Sydney to Paradise Hill, Edmonton to Montreal.  You make me laugh, keep me going, and save my sanity.  You answer my non-stop questions, and humour my ideas.

Readers of this blog – Yes – you!

Summer Days – Full of sand in the mouth, brisk water, barbecues, family and adventures.

Montreal – With a never-ending supply of designers, restaurants, cafés and entrepreneurs to keep my writing prolific.

Editors – Who supported me and patiently gave advice to a reformed insurance industry professional.

Health Care – My husband and I always remark with all my little annoying health issues I probably wouldn’t be around in another era.  No matter how flawed we say our system is – I’m still around thanks to it.

NDG – For your pools, parks, activities, and food.

Monkland Avenue – Whenever I feel a bit lonely I can always go for a stroll and run into friends, and shop owners I’ve come to know.

Technology – It may sometimes be a curse, but it’s the reason I can work from home, record my sons memories, video-talk with my family and keep in touch with friends far and wide (although I do still send out Christmas Cards – this year we gave out around 80!)


What are you thankful for?

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