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Bread from Joe la Croute – sorry about the wonky angle!

I recently saw on the excellent blog La Pantry a new gourmet food delivery service in Montreal called Tagada.  It peaked my curiosity for a few reasons.  First off, I am always on the lookout for new and exciting food products from Quebec.  Secondly, I felt that I was not eating properly during the day while at home with my little one.  With groceries already in my fridge, I felt this would force me to eat good food.  And last of all, I looove getting stuff in the mail or delivered.  Being at home all day, getting treats in the mail is just fun.

The way the service works is that you choose a basket that suits your needs.  You cannot pick your individual groceries.  There are four options: 2 basket options are for 2 people, and 2 basket options are for 4 people.  Each of the four baskets are different.  The baskets for 2 people are $130, and those for 4 people are $200.  Hopefully you live within the delivery area, and the baskets are dropped off at your house on Wednesday evenings.  Simple, right?

We got our basket dropped off (Gourmet for 2 people at $130), and the person who delivered the basket was more than happy to go through and describe the products.  I would have asked more questions, but we were going through a bit of a baby crisis and I could hear the little one screaming upstairs…

First off, the products are beautiful.  The salmon was gorgeous, the mesclun was almost too pretty to eat, and the baby turnips were adorable.  You can really tell they are fresh because they last forever in the fridge – even the mesclun.  I was so excited to check out what I had received, and imagine what I was going to cook up.  You do know what you will receive in advance on their website (the list of products is French only).

So was it worth the $130 and does it work for me (or for you?)


  • Gorgeous local produce
  • Delivered to your home
  • Many organic products
  • Discover products you weren’t familiar with
  • You may not like some of the products.  I just did not like the sheep’s milk yoghurt and felt horrible throwing it out (I did force myself to eat some of it).
  • It’s a lot of produce at once, and you may be unfamiliar with some of the produce such as rapini.
  • The cost.  According to Eve Martel at La Pantry, she did a cost comparison and apparently it was no more expensive than if you had bought those products in a grocery store.  However, if you end up pitching a lot of the food then it’s no good.  Personally, I was happy with the cost.  The variety of products and fun cooking them up made me happy, and I have only thrown out that sheeps milk yoghurt.  I have also eaten much better with fresh food in my fridge.  I can hand on heart say that I have so far not wasted any of the food (but the yoghurt).
I would use the service again, but perhaps only once a month.  It’s a special treat, and I love the idea of supporting local artisans and farms.  I am eating better, and I’ve had fun cooking up the food.  Try it out, and let me know what you think!
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