Baby’s First Solids & Plane Ride

August 29, 2012 , In: Baby , With: 3 Comments

I was so excited to start baby on solids and introduce him to the wide world of food.  I cut up some avocado slices, and pureed up some local baby carrots.  It was a big moment for me.  Baby sucked on the avocado slice a bit but did not take any in.  When I put the carrot on his lips (not even really in his mouth!) he made an expression like I had just put dirt on his lips and threw up.  It kind of went downhill from there.  The avocado was mostly ignored, and one more attempt with the carrot gave the same expression (although no more vomit).  Hmm….  For a kid who sticks EVERYTHING in his mouth it was pretty uneventful.  In case you are wondering, I did check with my sister who is a Registered Dietitian specializing in Pediatrics and throwing up is a normal reaction.

But… the plane ride was a breeze.  Even though I was on my own, people were more than helpful (despite a few glares from a couple of the suited passengers in business class) and he hardly made a peep.
You win some and you lose some right, and I just look at the solid attempt as the beginning of an adventure.

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