Would you leave your stroller outside?

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My neighbour always leaves his brand new thousand dollar Bugaboo Cameleon stroller outside for hours at a time.  The Bugaboo Cameleon is loved by celebs and was described to me by a sales clerk as the Louis Vuitton of strollers.  I rarely leave our stroller out, which is less than the Cameleon but still pricey.  I just think that I wouldn’t leave a thousand dollar handbag on my front porch, so why would I leave my stroller?  Do you think I am being paranoid?  Do you leave your stroller out?

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    I don’t leave it, but not for fear of theft. I live in a condo building, so I’m actually not allowed to leave anything in the hallway (stupid firecode!).

    I think a lot of people feel that nobody would steal from a baby! Maybe that’s the reasoning.

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