Newborn Essentials You Never Knew you Needed – Top 5

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Everyone gets the usual goods before baby arrives – clothes, diapers, crib etc.  But when baby finally shows up, there are certain things that you realize you need now, either for your sanity or practicality.

Nursing Pads
Breastfeeding is hard and if you have leaky breasts it can be really messy too.  In addition to a few good quality nursing bras (another essential but I would guess most moms would have purchased those), nursing pads to soak up excess milk may be a must.

I usually enjoy night time feeds unless I am really tired.  To get myself motivated I realized I could use that time to catch up on the outside world via my iPhone.  All of a sudden, it made the time fly past.  As a bonus, I didn’t feel so isolated as I was able to catch up on the news and social networks.  Plus, I am sure my friends enjoy my midnight texts and emails.  And biggest bonus of all?  Pics and videos sent instantly to adoring relatives (yes – that’s for you Mom!)

Nasal Aspirator
Baby can get awfully snotted up, and those bulb aspirators are pretty useless.  My baby’s doctor recommended the Hydrasense Nasal Aspirator for baby.  You literally suck out your babies snot.  My husband is disgusted, but I find it strangely enjoyable.

Stain Remover
I’m sure there is a more gentler stain removal alternative out there, but for the last while we have been going with the industrial stuff.  Strangely, our baby will poop 95% of the time only in the sitting position so we are lucky that the stains have been low, but when they happen you really need to get on it pronto.

Endless hours breastfeeding are made all the more enjoyable watching your favourite DVDs.  Why not choose a comedy to brighten your day?  I really got into 30 Rock, and How I Met Your Mother.

Newborn Essentials


Do you have anything you didn’t realize was a must have until baby arrived?  I also adore my Kindle as it can be held and flipped with one hand but I find it a bit annoying that books still can’t be shared in Canada.  Get on it Amazon!

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