Posts I loved and Events for December 16th, 2010

Posts I loved:

  • Who is Chef Boyardee?  La Bouche Pleine explores who this enigmatic really was.  So funny, I suppose I never thought of him as a real person! (in French)
  • Sparrow Restaurant Update - It appears that the owners of Sparrow have now moved down the street to open up the new restaurant Lawrence which has an identical brunch menu.  Can’t wait to try it out one day! Found via Lake Jane
  • Towpath Cafe – I just had to link to this review on the Towpath Cafe, in London along the canal towpath in Shoreditch.  I must have run past this place 100 times and it put a little smile on my face to see it again.  How I miss running in London. I like the city of Montreal but for running outside, boy do the conditions suck right now! Found via London Eater
  • Fake GoodsLLG has a post on the cost of pirated goods which is basically to say that NO good ever comes from the production of anything fake or pirated.  She also makes reference to the book Deluxe: How Luxury lost its Lustre (which I haven’t read).  Food for thought.
  • Top 10 Cooking Videos of 2010 – Epicurious has a list of You Tubes most watched food videos of 2010.  Surprised to see that the top video was How to Make a Bunny Cake!
  • Montreal High Lights Festival, Feb 17-27th  Is this the Montreal food event of the year?  I don’t know but it looks pretty good.  Under the name of The SAQ Wine and Dine Experience presented by Air France this years focus is on female chefs.  There are a ton of activities going on and I suspect a lot of these will sell out so try and book soon.  I already have a list of dinners I want to attend!
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