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  • Knitting Pattern Website: I’ve just discovered this crazy site called Ravelry (the site requires login) which has all sorts of super funky knitting patterns either for free or for sale.  I think I must be the last person to know about this as the site has a million members!!  All of a sudden the knitting possibilities are absolutely endless, and I see a lot of yarn in my future.  Found via What Katie Does  
  • Home Design: We’ve just bought a house (which I actually have yet to see in person!) so I will be super keen on the design front of things for the next while.  This house in London is absolutely amazing, and just what I love but I am afraid I am not that brave (nor do I probably have the budget).  Just look at all the colours and joy about the place!  Found via Poppytalk
  • Habs Cupcakes: I suppose next time I head around to friends to watch the game instead of making cupcakes with a big St. George Cross on them, I’ll have to attempt something like these cute Habs cupcakes!   Found via La bouche pleine
  • Fois Gras debate: Not sure where you guys stand on the ethics behind fois gras.  I haven’t been out and about yet in Montreal, but three years ago it seemed every restaurant in Montreal had fois gras as a starter, and inevitably also incorporated into some sort of main.  I found this trend fairly boring and felt like saying c’mon!  Try something new!  I am not a fan of fois gras, but this is probably mostly down to the texture which I find unappealing.  The Guardian has a good article on it this week which made me think about this issue again.  
  • Orla Kiely Wallpaper: I am a massive Orla Kiely fan and am delighted that she has come out with an amazing (if slightly expensive!) homewares range which I saw this summer at Heal’s.  It appears that Orla is now getting into wallpaper!  My favourite is definitely Flower Blossom.  Found via poppytalk.
  • Montreal Holiday Bazaar: November 27th and 28th, 11am – 6pm, St.Michael’s Church – 105 St.Viateur W. Montreal, Quebec. (Corner St.Urbain), Free Entrance.  Apparently there are over 40 local artists! They are also crowning a Miss Movember which could be interesting!  Found via Montreal on the Cheap
  • New Montreal Restaurant Guide: The new Guide Mixeur: 80 Restaurants Créatif à Montréal looks pretty darn cool and I may have to pick up a copy.  It seems to be based on a TV5 show which I know nothing about, but the food/design aspect appeal to me enough to want to buy it.  $14.99 seems a bit steep, but maybe I’m still just thinking in sterling… available at Multimags, La Maison de la Presse, and Archambault.  Found via too many places to list, but first found at Clarah….tout simplement.
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