Rivington Grill – Modern British in trendy Shoreditch

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Rivington Grill
28-30 Rivington Street
I didn’t expect much from the Rivington Grill.  I had been there a few times a couple years ago with one very successful dinner, and another that was fairly average.  A quick scan of the online reviews confirmed my thoughts – lukewarm comments on the food and service abounded.  However, it had modern British fare which was what I was looking for and the location was spot on.  Located in the Shoreditch Triangle it’s just a stones throw from the area’s bars and clubs and is the perfect stop before a night out.  
Things started off very well.  Our waiter was polite answering all of our questions, and providing us with tap water straight away.  Unfortunately, they were out of the starter I wanted and I panicked and chose the rather pricey £14.75 Cornish Crab with Toast and Mayonnaise.  Although I am no expert on crab it was fresh enough and quite tasty with the mayo on the side.
My main was the Diver Caught Plaice and Brown Shrimp Salad ironically also coming in at £14.75.  I was not that hungry and on the advice of the waiter I correctly did not order any sides.  I was presented with a salad of shredded cabbage and a few shrimps in a vinaigrette, with a beautifully cooked fillet of plaice sitting on top of it.  The plaice was well seasoned, and the vinegar from the salad created an extra zing.
Overall though, the food was not spectacular.  You know when a waiter serves the food and everyone just kind of looks at it sitting in front of them in a bit of a sad disappointment not saying anything but trying to make the best of a situation?  The restaurants trendy and buzzing atmosphere created an air of expectation that was just not quite met by what was placed in front of us.  And in the end, as the restaurant filled up the outstanding service completely dropped off.  We were left begging for some more water and for the bill.  I’ve never understood why in restaurants it is sometimes so difficult to get the bill and pay.  Surely this would be the part that the staff would be most attentive over.  In the end, we left knowing that we had not had a great but average restaurant experience.  However, it sure was a short walk to the first bar!
Décor: Very white and trying a bit to be trendy with a slightly bizarre neon sign like something out of Cocktail.  
Food: Average British fare with an emphasis on fish.
Prices: Average for this type of restaurant.  Starters around £8 and mains around £14 – £20  
Good For: If you are craving British fare before your night out in Shoreditch but don’t want to pay for some of the more upscale restaurants in the area (or you can’t get a reservation!)

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